自己紹介 – 英語講師 Rudo

Hey everyone. I’m Rudo, nice to meet you! I’m still learning Japanese, so I’m writing this post out in English first and then trying my best to translate it. Apologies if it’s unnatural. 😅

My interest in Japan

I was interested in Japan from a young age. Here in Canada, anime shows like Dragon Ball and Pokemon were broadcast on TV in English, and they were big hits. An elementary school classmate told me these shows were from Japan, and he even showed me episodes in Japanese with English subtitles! I was so amazed.

(Not my picture, but I had some of these tapes when I was younger!)

Long story short, I became a kind of Otaku from that day lol. If you talk with foreigners here or in Japan, you’ll find that it’s a common story.

Anyways, I decided to learn Japanese when I was in high school but gave up because it was too hard. I tried again in college; my motivation this time was to watch Japanese variety TV shows.

(I really liked the TV show haromoni which featured Morning Musume!)

Unlike other forms of Japanese media, these don’t get translated usually, so I had no choice but to study. And I’m really glad I did!

Working Holiday in Japan

After 2 years of self-study, I decided to take a break from school and fulfill my dream of going to Japan. Since it would be my first time I thought… Why not so a working holiday? And so I did.

Luckily for me, because I had studied Japanese already, I didn’t have any major problems communicating in Japan for the most part. Looking back on it, I’m so glad I had studied, as it made my experience so much more fulfilling.

When I was in Japan I taught English in Osaka, volunteered on a farm in Nagano, and hitch-hiked from Tokyo to Kagoshima by myself. These were unforgettable experiences, and I remember them fondly. I really loved Japan.

Life in Toronto

Now in Toronto, I’m trying to teach Japanese students English and life skills that will help them have a more fulfilling and enjoyable life here. My hope is that when they go back to Japan they also have fond memories of Toronto and Canada.

Anyways, thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to meeting you!















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