CEC – Christmas special –

12月8日(土)で第15回を迎えるCECはChristmas partyをCebu IT Parkで開催致します。



While might be true that there is snow place like home, let the warmth of friendship take the chill from the air, and the spirit of the season make a December to remember! Christmas is coming!

Exchanging gift: Any item worth 100 pesos and up! (Please wrap them in red.)

今回はクリスマススペシャルのCreative English Cafeとなり、参加者の皆様には100ペソまでのプレゼントを何かご購入頂きご参加頂きます。(赤色の包装紙でおつつみください)。

“CEC” Creative English Cafeは、


「英語と日本語のランゲージエクスチェンジ」× 「国際交流」
Create your story, create your community

Hi guys, 

Please feel free to join us!

「Language exchange」 × 「Diverse cultural exposure」

Create your story, create your community
We are going to create ”the community” for Japanese and Filipino through English and Japanese to share our languages, cultures, and perspectives and so on. 

We will create a powerful and great community with you. So please go with us!

※For everyone, if you will join this, please hit the “going” button and “Like”.
※参加される方は必ず事前に、Facebookページへの「Like」と「参加予定 / going」をお願いします。

≪Entrance Fee≫
For free  無料
※everyone needs to order at least on thing.

24 people
※Due to the number of the tables of our place.

2nd week and 4th week of Saturday or Sunday.
※Please check our event page.

≪Time schedule≫
・4:00pm【Doors open】
・4:00 – 4:30【Free seat】
<1st seating arrangement>
・4:35 – 4:55【1st set/English/20 minutes】
・4:55 – 5:15【2nd set/Japanese/20 minutes】
<2nd seating arrangement>
・5:20 – 5:40【3rd set/English/20 minutes】
・5:40 – 6:00【4th set/Japanese/20 minutes】
・6:00 – 6:30 【Free sheet】or 【workshop】

10 Dove street, IT Park (In between Skyrise 4 building and Skyrise 3 buildind)
※Sometimes the location will be changed for activities

If someone wants to be a host for the workshop, please contact us.
〈CEC 日本人サポートメンバー〉




留学・ワーホリ相談 / 英会話レッスン相談 /
カウンセリング予約 / 体験レッスン予約